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Video Filming

I started filming in the summer of 1967, not on digital media then but on Super8 film stock. Tini was expecting our first child, our daughter Brigitte, and what better excuse could a man have for investing in an expensive piece of movie equipment?
During our three children's childhood I filmed everything happening in and around the house, at gymnastics contests, on holidays, at swimming certificate examinations, etc. They not always liked their father swirling around them with a camera, but when they reached adulthood I could give them a lasting picture of their youth, in moving images and sound, after having transferred all of my Super8 films to 3 sets of 4 DVDs. Anyway, according to this picture, our son Matthieu showed at least some interest in filming...
I didn't stop filming after our children left the house. With the introduction of colour video cameras and other technical improvements, creative ideas could be realised much easier than was the case with the traditional film stock material and equipment. Nowadays my videos are mainly travelogues. At first they were shot using a SONY Hi8 camera.  The analog SONY Hi8 camera has meanwhile been replaced with a digital CANON HD camera. The videos shot with it are edited on the PC whereupon the end products are transferred to DVD and/or Blu-ray disk.
Present camera: Canon Legria HF-G25
Editing PC: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.40GHz
Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro