Lou's Homepage

Where We Live

We live in Hilversum, Holland, some 25 km's south of Amsterdam. Hilversum is well-known for its concentration of radio and TV studios. Our house is situated on a woonerf  (home zone) on the southern side of the town.
We bought our house in 1976, at a time where house prices were still affordable. In the meantime our 3 children have left home, we are retired and we now have more space than we need, strictly speaking. But in view of the beautiful surroundings we do not think of moving yet.
When we leave the woonerf and cross the street, we enter, via this idyllic path, a nature reserve called the Hoorneboeg Heath.
This area is most beautiful in the month of August, when the heather is in bloom.
In addition to forests and heath, Hilversum offers a lot of possibilities for aquatic sports. Bordering on Hilversum is the village of Loosdrecht with its extensive range of lakes.
The IJsselmeer
And from Loosdrecht one can reach, by way of the Vecht river, the mediaeval village of Muiden, with its locks giving access to the IJsselmeer. The IJsselmeer is a large inland sea where Dutchmen sail there affectionately maintained, historic ships, many of them more than 100 years old.