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Who is Who

My name is Johannes Ludovicus (Lou) van Wijhe. I was born in Rotterdam. My wife's name is Justina (Tini) Kuijper. She was born in Amsterdam. People say that the character qualities of people from Rotterdam and Amsterdam don't mix very well. Nevertheless, we have managed to live together in harmony for more than 50 years now...

My parents are Wilhelmus (Wim) van Wijhe (Maastricht, 9.9.1916) and Gerdina Huberta (Dina or Dien for short) Harte (Tiel, 13.6.1914). Both have meanwhile passed away. Tini's parents are Andries Kuijper (Amsterdam, 1.6.1908) and Jannetje (Jannie) van Beem (Amsterdam, 2.8.1914). Tini's parents have passed away too.

We have two daughters and a son:

Brigitte Louise
Nicole Justine

Brigitte married Johannes Maria (Jos) van Deventer. They have a daughter Ilse Justina Christien and a son Thijs Louis Theodoor.

Nicole married Steven John Batten. They have a daughter Mare Janne Eloise, a daughter Stelle Lenna Justina and a daughter Renske Luna Susanna.

Matthieu married Mirjam Irene Visser. They have a daughter Nynke Justine Ytske and a son Wiebe Louis Pieter.

Should you want to know what we look like, do open our online photo album (see the menu).